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• 10/21/2018

Wiki update coming

I'm sorry, being a bit busy with the canon wiki, I have neglected this one. I'm afraid that, to keep it from getting too chaotic, we're going to have to add some rules and limitations. This wiki seems to be getting somewhat out of hand.

Also, we're going to update the layout to try and make it more like the canon wiki (though, though at first I didn't care for the layout of the discussion thread, I now actually kind of prefer this format to the cannon one, as it will, hopefully, be less likely to eat posts.

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• 10/21/2018

The All grown up series, other than the bad formatting (run on sentences, etc) is fine, but some stuff like the Collossus Sharptooth is actually pushing it, especially as it has no story or anything tied to it. (I'm thinking that the fan drawings are ok, as long as rule 34 stuff and things like that (which I think Wikia might frown on anyway) is kept out.

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