An episode of the second season of the TV Series where Ali and Rhett return to the Great Valley. Rhett is still afraid of Chomper. However, when actual dangerous Sharpteeth invade the Great Valley, Rhett learns that even some Sharpteeth like Chomper are good.












Old One

Ali’s Mother

Red Claw



Horned Sharptooth (Ceratosaurus) (OC)

Three Claw (Giganotosaurus) (OC)



Do We Trust Him?  (New)

It Takes All Sorts

“This game sure is fun, especially as I’m winning!” said Ruby.   They were playing racing. 

“Well, you’re a Fast Runner, so it’s hard to catch you.” Chomper remarked, running a few feet behind her.  

Ruby got to Ducky and handed her a Tree Star.  Ducky then ran down a hill.  Chomper got to Littlefoot a few seconds later and handed Littlefoot a Tree Star.   Littlefoot ran down the hill after Ducky.  Ducky and Littlefoot were the last of the bunch.   Spike was at the finish line to determine the winner.  

“I’m going to win!” said Littlefoot.

“But I am ahead of you.” Ducky replied. 

“I’m going to catch up!” said Littlefoot.

The two were neck and neck as they neared the finish line.   Both were hoping to win.   However, neither found out who would win for at that moment, lightning flashed in the sky and it began to rain.

“Oh no!  Sky Fire!” both groaned.  They left the race path and ran for cover in a nearby cave.   The other kids followed them.  

Spike, who was the furthest away, was lagging behind.  “Come on Spike, hurry up!” Petrie yelled to him.   Spike ran toward the cave.   Before he could reach it, however, he collided with a Longneck.   Both he and the Longneck fell over.

“Spike, what just….” asked Littlefoot, who had heard the collision.  He stared at the Longneck.  “Ali, what brings you here?” Littlefoot asked, surprised to see her.

[Theme song: "All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me. Hills to climb and valleys to roam

Oh, streams to follow all the way home To the Land Before Time Before time."]

“Hi Littlefoot.” Ali replied, getting up.  “Our herd was just passing by here and thought they’d stop by.”

“Glad to see you again.” said Littlefoot.

“Hello Ali.” said Cera.  Ali used to be afraid of non-Longnecks, but after their adventures in the Land of Mists together, that had changed.  Cera’s face, which had been happy when she had seen Ali, turned to a frown as a Longneck Cera was less fond of, Rhett, came into sight. 

“There you are Ali!” said Rhett, spotting her. “I was wondering what was keeping you.”   He noticed Cera and the others.  “Hello.” he said to them.

“Hello Rhett.” said Cera, her tone much less friendlier than it had been with Ali. 

“Hello Rhett.” said Littlefoot.

When they’d last met, Rhett had been deceiving Ali, claiming to fight off various Sharpteeth that he hadn’t really fought.   Littlefoot and his friends, wanting to expose the lies Rhett had been telling had had Chomper pretend to attack them.  As expected, Rhett took off like a shot.   Rhett had eventually found out that he’d been had.  He had played with them for a bit.  However, it seemed that he still was wary of them.   He had avoided Chomper the whole time, which was easy as Chomper hadn’t participated in the games, having been worn out from being chased by Ali’s herd.

“You’re with Chomper still.  He’s a Sharptooth for goodness sake!  I don’t know if I want to play with him.” Rhett said.  Chomper frowned.

“He not so bad once you get to know him.” said Petrie.

“I’m not sure I want to.” said Rhett.

“Then just go away and go back with the other Longnecks.  We were better off without you anyway!” Cera snapped at him.

“Fine, I will!” said Rhett, storming off.

“Yeah, who needs you?  We don’t!” Cera snapped.

“Wanna play swimmer and splasher Ali?” Littlefoot asked.

“Sure.”  Ali replied.

A few minutes later, Cera said “Swimmer!”

“Splasher!” Ali said.  Ali splashed water at Cera. 

They played for a while.  Next, the played the pointy seed game.  Littlefoot swatted a pinecone with his tail and it went out of sight.  Ali went after it.     While searching for it, she came across Rhett.

“Hello Ali.” he said.

“Hello Rhett.” she replied.

“You aren’t afraid of that Sharptooth?” Rhett asked her.

“No, he seems safe.” Ali replied.

“But he’s a Sharptooth.” Rhett argued.

“Littlefoot trusts him.”  Ali said.

“Well, I don’t.” Rhett replied.

“He seems so nice.”  Ali said.

“Have you ever heard of a nice Sharptooth before?” Rhett asked, rolling his eyes.

“Well, no, but I guess there’s a first for everything.” Ali replied.  “You’re just upset because he made a fool of you.”

“No, it’s not that.  It’s just that my cousin was killed by a Sharptooth.” Rhett replied.

“I’m sorry about that, but Chomper is different.” Ali said.

“Do we trust him?

We don’t know anything about him.

What if he’s a mean Sharptooth?” sang Rhett.

“What if he’s not?” Ali sang in reply.

“Perhaps he just hasn’t yet been caught.” sang Rhett.

“I don’t think so.” sang Ali.

“But how do you know?

How do we know we can trust him?” Rhett sang.

“Littlefoot says we can.

I think that’s good enough.” Ali sang in reply.

“But he’s a Sharptooth.

Have you ever heard of a good one?

What if he tries to hurt me?” sang Rhett.

“Why don’t we want and see?” Ali sang, finishing the song