It Starts With Littlefoot Playing With His Friends But A Ceratosaur and Four Baryonxes Attack Them The Grown Up Fend Them Off But a Albertosaurus Called Albert Shows Up But Quickly Flees a Troodon Comes to Littlefoot Saying That Ruby is Dead But She Survived She Says That The Red One Father of Red Claw and Papa Sharptooth and Grandpa of Chomper Has Returned They Recruit The Plated Sharptooth Ozzy Strut Ichy Dil Pterano Rinkus and Sierra Chomper's Parents Try to Fight The Red One But Die Then a Carnotaur Appears But The Rainbow Faces Show Up and Order a Mosasaurus To Eat it Then Albert Along With a Allosaur and a Raptor Pursue The Heroes on Jet Skis Littlefoot Defeats Them and Albert Escapes The Mosasaurus After The Raptor and The Allosaur Got Eaten Then The Red One Along With Red Claw Albert and Two Sharpteeth Attempt To Freeze The Heroes But Albert Misses And Hits The Floor and While Trying To Escape Trips Over The Ice Maker and Falls Into a Ditch and Red Claw Gets Frozen and One of The Other Sharpteeth Bumps Into Him Sending Them Both to Their Death and The Other Sharptooth Falls Off The Cliff as Well Red One Tries To Kill Chomper But a Editor Eraser Erases Him and Albert and The Remaining Sharpteeth Flee After That Chomper is Hailed a Hero