I'm Gonna Put A Stop To This, I'll Kill Them All, Every Last One

Littlefoot Vowing To Kill All The Sharpteeth


Name Littlefoot Yeager

Age 10 (845) 15 (850)

Speicies Longneck (Apatosaurus)

Status Alive


Littlefoot Yeager is the main protaginanist of the series attack on sharpteeth, he is a young longneck who lives in Shinganshina district near the outer gate of Wall Maria. He has a huge fassanation of traveling to the outside world and joing the survey corps despite the protest of his mother. His life however changed for ever by the sudden apperance of The Colossus Sharptooth and The Armored Sharptooth and the death of his mother, Littlefoot, his atopted sister Ali Ackerman and they're best friend Chomper Arlert all inlsisted in the 104th Cadet Corps in order to fight back agianst the sharpteeth.

Voice Actors

Feilx Avita (Young)

Bryce Pappenbrook (Teen)

Yuki Kaji (Japanese)