Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train is a fanfiction series created by Digipony (known as DigiPonyTheDigimon) in January 4, 2013. The series is known for being a crossover fanfic, the series had 11 seasons according in the journal the fanfic series had a movie called Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train: The Movie after Season 10. The series processor became Water Bell's Adventures a fanfic series sequal to Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train that involves the pony character Water Bell the Only Alokana and her brother CoolBlue going to different universes but still had the TLBT, DT, and other characters in it at some episodes.

The Transcripts and Plots are still in concept for the fanfic series episodes and seasons.

List of Episodes

Season 1: The Dinosaur Train Series

Will edit more of the episodes for Season 1, 2, 3, and 4 etc.

Season 2 The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Series

Season 3  The Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9 Ancient Ruins and the Dino Fighters 

Season 10 The Nightmare Saga

Season 11 The Mixels Series


  • Since the series are in concepts it should be noted that the original creator can create it and publish it and let others edit until they are complete for it.
  • Due to no new episodes weren't written, it's the reason that the creator can't brainstorm good plots for Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train and Water Bell's Adventures because she is only good at her original characters dialogue rather then the canon characters dialogue.


  • The series was plainning for 17 Seasons but was scrapped because it would be too much ploting for making more stories.
  • There was two original characters who was a recolor of Littlefoot (due to at this time the creator couldn't draw some dinosaurs) and a unnamed pink Triceratops who appeared at an early wallpaper[1]. It's unknown what was their purpose in the series in Season 1 but was replaced with Water Bell, CoolBlue, (Their first appearance was at the final episode of Season 1 and appeared thoughout many seasons) and The Dino Fighters.
    • ​This also goes for a original character named Mysterious Magic[2].
  • In Season 2, The characters who weren't ponies wasn't ponified and remain the same due to the backslash from the MLP Fandom.
    • ​However the dinosaurs\animals characters were Mobianfied in Sonic's Universe in Season 3.
      • ​The Mane 6 (including Water Bell the Only Alokana and CoolBlue) are in the right Mobian form as a Mobian Horse rather then being a hedgehog is due to the MLP and STH Fandom making them into hedgehogs rather then horses the form won't make since horse\dragon to hedgehog is plain weird but doesn't seem right. for Spike the Dragon it's a Mobian Dragon.