The Land Before Time All Grown Up VII: The Hunting Lands is a 2025 theatrical animated seventh movie in the Land Before Time All Grown Up series.


In the Great Valley at dawn Littlefoot, Petrie, Cera, Ducky, Ruby, Chomper,Spike, and Tippy sees other dinosaurs coming into their home when they all lost their home because of the hunting rouges that attacked them and they all went to their home for night time.

At his home, Littlefoot discovered a strange dinosaur gliding over him and he found a feather that is purple and he wonders who or what it was.

In the morning, Littlefoot told his friends about a creature that glided in his home and said that it had red feathers until they see a herd of new dinosaurs (Maiasaura) that are living in the Great Valley after they were attacked by the rogues and then an old crested dinosaur (Iguanodon) named Ruhon, an old friend of Mr. Thinknose who escaped from the rogues arrived safety until he meets the gang including Littlefoot.

Deep in the forest, a pack rogue hunting dinosaurs (Monolophosaurus) led by their leader Mon-Han followed a trail that came from the herd that escaped and that will lead them to the location they went.

Back in the valley, the gang were playing in the water until they see a group of sand creepers (Avitelmessus) that they remember crawling and then Spike remembers the sand creeper named Crunch that been pinching him last time and Ducky does her job again to keep them all in a group so none of them gets harm and Tippy helps Spike deal with the sand crawler that keeps annoying him.

At dawn, the hunting rogues keeps following the trails the leads them straight to the Great Valley where they can hunt the dinosaurs.

At night, the dinosaurs are all sleeping and the hunting rogues arrived to hunt a lot of them and at Ducky's home, Ducky sees the sand crawlers crawling around and at Tippy's herd the annoying sand creeper, Crunch pinch Spike when he was sleeping and Spike gets mad at it and starts chasing him allowing Tippy to wake up and Tippy goes after him and at Cera's home Ducky woke up Cera when she was going after the sand crawlers and Spike was chasing the annoying sand crawler with Tippy behind him and in the bushes near them, Ruby came out with the sand crawler that crawl into her and Petrie flew by to see his friends to know why are they up until they encountered the hunting rogues and starts running until they were able to escape when they accidently fell off a cliff and into the river where they were swept away and the rogues encountered the herd of dinosaurs that woke them up and escape from the Great Valley and begin to track down Cera and the others.

In the morning, the dinosaurs had a meeting about the rogues that came into the valley and Littlefoot and Chomper were wondering if the rogues have something to do with their friend being attacked by the rogues and they're worried about them and they begin to go look for them along with the mysterious shadowy glider following them.

After being swept away from the Great Valley, Cera, Ruby, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Tippy finds themselves lost in a new land until they see their old sand creeper friend Scuttle who was swept along as was well and tries to find their way back to the valley by going through the dangerous place where all dinosaurs get hunted, the Hunting Lands.

Meanwhile, Littlefoot and Chomper follows the creek that their friends fell in that will lead them to where the were swept last night until they meet the glider (archaeopteryx) that flew into Littlefoot's home named Terya and helps them find their friends and then they meet a lonely dinosaur (Maiasaurua) named Merlin who was seperated from his herd because of the rogues and Merlin joins them to go find their friends.

When they made to where their friend are swept, they notice they were on land with another sand creeper and Littlefoot notice it could be Scuttle and Merlin knows they're heading towards the Hunting Lands

As the gang along with Scuttle head their way to the Hunting Lands, they stopped to rest until they encountered a float of belly draggers (Prionosuchus) that smells so badly and they kidnapped Cera, Ducky, and Ruby, and Petrie, Spike, and Tippy tries to save them but they failed and they went after them to save the girls.

In the stinky creepy swamp, the belly draggers brought Cera, Ducky, and Ruby to their king Prino who wants to have them for lunch in swampy feast.

Meanwhile Littlefoot, Chomper and their new friends discovers that their friends who at the spot they were resting and Chomper smell a swampy smell of belly draggers that captured their friends without eating them and follows the trail.

As the gang enters the swamp to save the girls, they spotted them tied up and Cera was about to get eaten but the gang came to the rescue and set her free along with Ducky and Ruby and tries to escape from the swamp but they're all trapped and they're about to be eaten by them, but then, Littlefoot,Chomper, along with Terya and Merlin arrived to save them and they all managed to escape as they all fell into the fast water and Littlefoot founds some logs to get their them to safety and the belly draggers began to chase them but then failed to catch them, but Prino was able to catch them but then meets his death when Littlefoot blind sided him with his tail causing him to go over a huge water fall and the gang managed to get to shore and were happy to see each other and finds themselves in the Hunting Lands.

Back in the Great Valley everyone wonders where Littlefoot and Chomper have gotten off to and thinking they went to go find their friends.

Meanwhile, the hunting rogues discovered that their escaped vitims have been through the swamp and they know that they're not alone, and notice that they're on their way to the Hunting Lands, and tries to catch up to them and hunt them down.

Later, during the sky water, the gang and their friends tries to find shelther to stay dry and discovered a cave, and as they enter the cave, they meet a herd of lost dinosaurs (iguanodons) led by Igunodar and his daughter Igunera who all have hiding the hunting rogues and rest with them.

In the morning, the gang were all about to get the herd out of the Hunting Lands to get all of them to the Great Valley where they can all live, and as they were about to leave they encountered the rogues who finally caught up to them and tries to get them off their backs so none of them can't chase them or hunt anyone again.

As the gang and the herd head towards the exit, Littlefoot tries to hold off two of the rogues while his friends gets everyone to safety.

When the gang got the herd to safety, they heard a roar far away from them knowing that Littlefoot was killed and were sad for the loss of their friend and leader and continues to move on but then some of the hunting rogues arrived to stop them from escaping but then the all roar so loud to get them out of their way while Chomper and Merlin pushes a log at them causing them to fall off a cliff and Igunodar and his daughter and the herd all managed to escape and then the gang deals with the rogues leader, Mon-Han who attacked them including Chomper, Mon-Han that called him a traitor to his own kind and starts to kill him, and when Mon Han was about to end Chomper, a roar from a distance was coming by and it happens to be Littlefoot who is alive and saved Chomper from being killed and he and Chomper fought against Mon-Han until they defeated him by knocking him into a pit surrounded by floating fire (lava) where he meets his death as he engulfed by the ash and dying and they and the rest of the gang escape from the hunting lands as it was destroyed in a huge eruption and managed to get to safety with the rest of the herd and they all head straight back to the Great Valley.

As they return home, they welcome new members to the valley and Merlin was reunited with his head, and as the hunting rogues were all gone the herd of dinosaur begin to migrate to find new homes to live, and the gang wonders how Littlefoot got away from the rogues and Llttlefoot told them that he tricked them to fall off a cliff where they fell in the creek and got eaten by the swimming longnecks and they gang watches their home seeing how they all live together in the home.