The Land Before Time All Grown Up VIII: The Freezing Adventure is a 2026 theatrical animated adventure musical eighth film in The Land Before Time All Grown Up series.

The Land Before Time All Grown Up


Charles Grosvenor

producerDaniel J. Wiley


Judy Freudberg (story) Tony Geiss (story) Stu Krieger (screenplay) John K. Carr(editing) Dan Molina (editing)


Phil CollinsEhsan ImaniLord Hurnon


John K. Carr Dan Molina


Universal Pictures


December 8, 2026 (United States of America)


1 hour 28 minutes


United States

Plot It started snowing in the Great Valley and Littlefoot wakes up and see the ground all covered and Hino went off starting to do pranks on Ducky, Spike, Tippy, Cera, Petrie, even Chomper and Ruby, and when they stopped Hino, they see a huge herd of dinosaurs coming into the Great Valley and Mr. Thicknose knows them from the Valley he went to.

Outside the valley, dinosaurs called crest backs (Ouranosaurus) from 2 different teams race to see who gets to the valley first, and the team led by Narrow get there first when Narrow trips the other teams leader and the young crest backs, Kodan, and his friends, Omina, Cresty, and Tin were getting late to see which will gets to the valley first.

In the valley a little crest back named Rosa goes to play withher big sister Tenna to keep an eye her until Narrow and his team won the race and Kodan and his friends came to late and became tardy and went to find a place to stay and Narrow wanted Tenna to join him for his victory with his team, but Tenna refuse.

As Rosa and her family find a place to stay in the Great Valley, she meets Littlefoot, and notice that she'd never seen a longneck before and she goes with her family and told them that she saw Littlefoot and her family didn't believe her when they told her that the longnecks have migrated years ago.

As Littlefoot and the gang were about to head to their hang out, they encountered Narrow and his team, and then had help from Kodan, and his friends before the old crest back can break up the trouble and telling them to find places to stay and Littlefoot and the gang thanks them for helping them.

Meanwhile, outside the valley, a pack of rogue fast biters (Tanycolagreus) led by Tiju followed the herd that led them straight to the valley were thinking to attack them all, but needed to the whole pack to take them all down.

Later, at dawn, the gang introduced their friends to their friends that lives with them and Kodan welcomes the clubtail brother (ankylosaur) and he and his friends find place to stay with their herd before he heads out to see Tenna, the girl of his life.

At night, Rosa and her family rest while Tenna finds some late night food and Kodan stopped by to see her before Narrow showed up and ruins their time together.

In the huge blizzard, outside the valley, a herd of dinosaurs were all getting lost while trying to get to the Great Valley and send a flyer to get help.

Back in the Great Valley the gang finds some green food with Guido and the others, until Littlefoot sees Rosa again along with her family knowing that Rosa was right all along and the ask him where his herd is, and Littlefoot's friends told them that they're his herd and he's the only longneck here with them until a flyer arrived to let them know about a herd in trouble outside the valley.

Before getting the dinosaurs that are lost, the crested back Leader wants to send Narrow and his team out there after they have a race with the other team.

As all the dinosaurs attended to watch the race Kodan and his friend came really early to see who will win against Narrow and his team and the gang also came to see and the race started and Narrow starts cheated by injuring the other teams and then starts to injures the last team he beat when they race yesterday, and then the other teams leader hit Narrow in the face with is tail causing to lose focus before coming in first place and Narrow and his team came in second, but then the other team that came in 1th place were disqualified for injuring the other teams and for hit Narrow in the face and Narrow and his team takes 1th place, and Kodan walks up the Narrow telling him that he's the one who cheated, not the other team and Tenna believe him cause she saw what happen, and Narrow didn't one want her to believe him, but Littlefoot walked up telling him that he believe Kodan and he told him to stop cheating,and Tenna told him to stop being a glory dinosaur when the lost dinosaurs are in the valley safe and Narrow and his team gets ready to rest before heading out.

Before the blizzard starts coming soon, Narrow and his team, begin to find the dinosaurs that are lost, and miles away from the Great Valley, they found the lost dinosaurs and takes them all back to the valley.

Later, back in the Great Valley, Rosa and the young dinosaurs were all getting very sick because of the cold, and Littlefoot was worried what will happen to them, and he remembers that when his grandma got sick in the cold when he was young, his grandpa brought the recovering plants from the north mountain that makes her feel better, and he begins to go find them and bring all of them to the valley along with his friends who join him, and the gang begin their adventure during the freezing season.

As they began their adventure, Littlefoot tells Cera, Spike, Tippy, and Chomper to mark trails on the trees so Chomper can smell their senses so they don't get lost, and when they stopped to rest after marking trails on the trees, Cera spotted a strange cave near them and walk in and then came out when she disturbed a tempered narrow horn (Einiosaurus) and the gang starts running and the narrow horn chase after them and the gang managed to get away and the narrow horn heads back to his cave so he doesn't gets disturb again and the gang continues their search for the recovering plants.

Later, back in the Great Valley, Kodan and his friends wonders where Littlefoot and the other have gotten off to, and they asked Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Guido and the others where they are, and Guido told them that they're heading north to find the recovering plants to make Rosa and the other little ones feel better and Kodan and his friends begin to find them before the freezing storm hits.

Meanwhile, Tenna stopped by to see her little sister Rosa who is still sick and then discovers that Kodan and his friends have wonder off outside the valley.

Later, the gang continues to search for the recovering plants, until they were about to get caught in a huge avalanche and found a cave to safety until they meet a lost female short three-horn (Chasmosaurus) named Plowa who was in a cave to stay warm and the cave they came thought is block with all the frozen stuff and the gang tries to reach the end of the cave.

While walking thought cave to find a way out, the gang and their new friend Plowa sees fossa bones of dinosaurs like they been eating by something until the encountered a pack of white fast biters (Saurornitholeste) that tries to eat but they failed as the gang managed to escape as they reach the end of the cave and then they meet a long claw dinosaur (Therizinosaurus) named Zino who was traveling alone and wants him to join them on an adventure.

Back at the Great Valley, Narrow and his team arrived with the lost dinosaurs and everyone was surprised that they made it back safe and the crest back leader wonders where his daughter, Tenna is as well as Kodan and his friend and then found their tracks right next to Littlefoot and the others that they were the first ones leaving before Kodan and his friends and Narrow and his team set off to find them.

As Narrow and his team begin the search, he was thinking that he should kill Kodan for dragging Tenna and then Tiju and his pack over heard that they're looking for Littlefoot, his friends and Kodan and the others and set off to hunt them down before Narrow and his team do.

In the evening far away from the valley, the gang stopped to rest along with their new friends and Chomper spotted a freezing storm coming their way and Littlefoot spotted a warm cave with no dinosaurs in it and heads toward it to wait out the storm.

Meanwhile, Tenna continues to follow Kodan and his friends trail and discovered that they're looking for Littlefoot and the others.

Later Narrow and his team were still searching for Kodan and his friends and notice they're going in circles until they slide down a hill to the bottom of the ground and one of the team was hurt badly.

After the storm was over, the gang continues to find the recovering plants until the entered a strange territory where they encountered a crest head sharptooth (Crylophosaurus) and managed to take it down with a big snowball like the did when they were young, and then deals with other crest headed sharpteeth in separate ways and one of the sharpteeth cause Chomper to slide down a hill in to a lake and Littlefoot to fall on to the hard water that is frozen, and then gang were able to defeat one of the sharpteeth by knocking a tree branch that cause the him to fall to his death and tries to save Littlefoot who's trapped between the sharptooth and the hard water that breaks and caused the sharptooth to fall in and Littlefoot who also fall in, and the gang rushes to save him until they made it to shore and Chomper was able to survived and the gang see the mountain and they're getting closer.

Meanwhile, when Kodan and his friends discovered that Littlefoot and the other were at the cave that is block they face off against the feathered Fast Biters they escaped from with the help of Tenna who arrived and got wounded and the fast biter's roar cause an avalanche that covered the fast biters sending them down the hill, and Tenna is to weak to move on with Kodan and his friends and Kodan sends the twins to take to her back to the valley safe while he and his friends searches for Littlefoot and the others.

As they, search for Littlefoot and the others, they found Narrow and his team who was looking for them after taking the lost dinosaurs to the valley and Narrow tries to kill Kodan for dragging Tenna out ,but Kodan beat him by knocking him off a cliff and he and the other continues to find Littlefoot and his friends along with Narrow's former team, and Narrow who climbed back up tries to make sure they don't come back with Littlefoot and the others by marking trails after what Kodan told his team.

Meanwhile, as the gang arrived at the mountain they start heading towards until they encountered the rogues who finally found them and then got separated from Zino and Plowa as they fell off the cliff to the bottom of the pit.

Later back in the Great Valley, Tenna told the dinosaurs that Kodan and his friends are looking for Littlefoot and the gang until Narrow returns without his team and starts telling lies and then shows them Ruby's feathers he found by the cave of the narrow horn they encountered and Tenna told him that he's lying to her and the dinosaurs and knows Kodan and others will come back with Littlefoot and the others.

Near the north mountain, Tiju and his pack wonders if Littlefoot and his friends are still alive after falling into the pit, and will not stop until they hunt them down.

As Kodan and the others arrived to the mountain, they meet Plowa and Zino who were with Littlefoot and the others who fell into the pit, and he and his friends rush down to find them, and as they came down to the pit, they found Spike and Tippy who was covered in the snow and they found Ducky buried, and Chomper, and Ruby who were in a hole and they even found Cera and Petrie who are trapped in the slide and got them out, and they start searching for Littlefoot who found the recovering flowers that were all under the mountain and helps him gathers them up and tries to get out of the pit as the start climbing to the top and meet up with Narrow's former team along with Zino and Plowa and then Chomper smells the rogues near by and they're not alone and the gang tries to get them off their backs.

As Tiju and his pack starts looking for the gang they, see Spike and Tippy out in the opening and starts chasing and Spike and Tippy led half of the pack into a trap when they fooled them with the white decoys causing them to fall off a cliff, and half of the pack goes after Ruby who was running and jumped on the pieces of the hard water and they tried to get her but fell into the river and goes over a freezing waterfall.

When Lak, Tumac, and Kuk smells something near them, they follow the the scent and then they found Littlefoot who knocks them off the cliff and they falls to their deaths and Littlefoot deals with Tiju and the the rest of his pack while the gang along with Kodan and the others led the other rest of the pack closer to them, and Zino starts scaring them with his claws keeping them busy long enough for Cera and Plowa to push the big snow balls right at them causing the rest of the pack to fall into a freezing river to their deaths.

As Littlefoot was surrounded by Tiju and his pack he starts fighting them and then Chomper deals with Tiju and Littlefoot took care off the rogues by sending them off the cliff and Tiju who got scratched by Chomper goes after Littlefoot before Littlefoot hits him with his tail to the edge before the falling ice falls of the edge causing it to break and caused Tiju to fall to his death and the gang gets ready to go back to the Great Valley with the recovering flowers and tries to keep them warm.

Few days back in the Great Valley, all the dinosaurs are worried about their sicked young ones as well Guido and the other are worried if Littlefoot and the other didn't come back until they see Littlefoot and the others safely coming back along with the recovering flowers.

In the cave, Narrow was telling stories how he was famous until the dinosaur heared that Kodan and his friends have return with Littlefoot and the others and Narrow was a liar for tricking them thinking they were dead, and all the dinosaurs sees the gang brought all the recovering flowers in time to save the young dinosaurs who are feeling all better and thanking Littlefoot, Kodan, and their friends and Rosa was feeling better and was happy to see Littlefoot and the others alive.

As the freezing season was over, Littlefoot and the others say goodbye to Kodan and his and his girlfriend Tenna who are inaged and Narrow was banished from the herd when his former team told the Crest Back leader that he was cheating and the gang found perfect spots for the recovering flowers in cased any onegets sick and welcomes new Zino and Plowa in their new home in the Great Valley.