The screen zoom over the big water over the mountains

Littlefoot: Give it up, feathers. You'll never beat me.

Ruby: I just gave a head start, Littlefoot.

Littlefoot: I'm gonna win!

Ruby: Oh, no you're not.

(Littlefoot and Ruby tied)

Littlefoot: (PANTING) I win.

Ruby: (PANTING) No. I win. I've beat you.


Littlefoot: What in the world was that?

Ruby: Okay, I'm really freaked out about this.

Littlefoot: Me too. I'm completely terrified.

Petrie: I'm ready. I can do it.

Cera: Uh huh. you'll never keep up with us

Ducky: Come on, Petrie.

Littlefoot: Guys, we better go back.

(The gang tries to get off the fallen tree, but the earthshakes starts rumbling)

Littlefoot: Whoa!

Cera: (screams)

(Spike and Tippy screams as the fall in to the water)




(Ducky fell in the water)


Petrie: Ducky!

(The fallen rock hit Petrie)

Petrie: Not me!


Littlefoot: They Need us! We gotta get back!

Chomper: Littefoot, the fast water is taking us far away.

Ducky: Chomper's right. We won't be able to make it.

Cera: Tell me about it.

Petrie: Me wings are too wet for me to fly.

Ruby: Uh, guys? Rapid water ahead!

Spike: Not good!

Tippy: Lathery!

Littlefoot: Everyone hang on!

Littlefoot: (Sigh) We're far away from home.

Ducky: Yeah, at less we've survived.

Chomper:Yeah: We made it through the Rapid waters, and survive that fallen water.

Cera: And, now look where we are.

Spike: Where are we?

Petrie: Me not sure. A different land, I think?

Tippy: Strange land indeed

Littlefoot: Well, we can't be out here for so long. We have to get back.

Ruby: And how are we gonna get back?

Chomper: Guys, I think I've found a cave


Littlefoot: I didn't know this cave was here.

Cera: I wonder where the cave leads.

Littlefoot: There's only one way to find out. Let's go.

(The gang walks through the cave)

Littlefoot: Huh. Guys. Look at this place.

(ALL) Whoa.

Chomper: A strange rocky place.

Ducky: This place is very rocky to me.

Littlefoot: Okay we got to get through this place. Come on. There must be a end to this place.

Ruby: I hope you're right.

(The gang walks in the rocky place)

Littlefoot: How big is this place?

Littlefoot: Hey guys, look the green place. Where there's green there's trees and plants

Master Tutt: Hello down there. Lost, are you? You know you just entered our territory. Right, float?

Littlefoot: Master Tutt? Really? I don't know how you got that name. I think you kind of made that up.

Master Tutt: Oh really

Lynn: Those guys messed up our territory! Look at us! We're all dead!

Master Tutt: We're alive you idiot.

Lynn: Oh good point, Tutt.

Tupta: We're all here and a counted for, Tutt.

Master Tutt: Good. Let's move.

Lynn: Wait. What about those kids?

Master Tutt: What about them?

Tupta: Hey! They're just rock!

Master Tutt: What?!

(Master Tutt runs toward rock decoy that looks like Littlefoot and breaks it to pieces with his tail)

Master Tutt: (GROWLS) Decoys?

Jura: If those are decoys, then where are...


Master Tutt: Huh?!

Littlefoot: It worked! They've fell for it!

Spike: We're outta here!

Chomper: Come on!

Master Tutt: No! It's a trick!

Lynn: Tricks? I like tricks!

Master Tutt: No, you idiot! Those brats tricked us!

Littlefoot: We did it. We sure fooled them.

Spike: Good planning.

Tippy: I can't believe it worked.

Ruby: Now we can get out of here.

Cera: Oh...Look....they're right behind us. (GIGGLES)


Naz:There they are!

Ruint:Let's get em!

Spike: They knew we tricked them!

Littlefoot: We gotta hurry!

(The gang heads towards the bridge with the float behind them)

Jura: They're trying to get to the bridge!

Tupta: We can't let them escape! Iiant Sharpnis

Master Tutt: Huh? Ha welcome home, young ones.

Master Tutt: What kept ya? We've been talking about you. Like my whole float? We're all here for revenge.

Sharpnis: And look what else we got here for you all to see.

Littlefoot: Keep going! I'm right behind you, guys!

Master Tutt: No!

(Tutt stopped Littlefoot)

Master Tutt: You're going nowhere!

Ducky: (GASP)

Cera: Littlefoot!

(Littlefoot and Tutt grunts and falls off a cliff and screams)

Ducky: No!

Cera: Ducky, it's to late! Come on!


Littlefoot: (GASP AND PANTS)

(Littlefoot made on shore near a waterfall)

Master Tutt: (GROWLS)I ain't done with you yet, Littlefoot.

Littlefoot: (GASP)

(Littlefoot and Tutt fight)

Master Tutt:(ROARS)


Master Tutt: (GROWLS)


Master Tutt: (GRUNTS) You know this land isn't bigger enough between you and me

(Littlefoot dodges Tutt's mount)

Littlefoot: Keep your dirty mouth to yourself! UGH!

Littlefoot stomps on Tutt's mouth)

Master Tutt: OW! Ugh!


(Littlefoot charges at Tutt and Tutt goes in the water)

Master Tutt: (GROWLS)

(Tutt swims to the other side and jumps and bumps into Littelfoot)

Littlefoot: UGH!Uh!

(Littlefoot gets to close to the edge of the cliff by the waterfall)

Master Tutt: Sooner or later, I'm gonna enjoy taking you apart!

Littlefoot: Well, Tutt, truth is you go!

(Littlefoot hits Tutt into the water)

Master Tutt: No!


Littlefoot: See ya, long legs!

Master Tutt: (GOANING) No!

(Tutt goes over the waterfall)