The beginning starts with the earthshake causing to create a massive shake around the valley like making cracks and creating big walls to move forward.

In a forest Littlefoot and Ruby starts racing though to see who will win.

Littlefoot: Can't keep up, feathers. Ha, ha!

Ruby: No one calls me feathers. I'm just giving you a head start!

(Littlefoot and Ruby running on the log and back on the ground)

Littlefoot: I'm still gonna outrun you!

Ruby: We'll see about that!

(Ruby catching up to Littlefoot by running fast)

Littlefoot: Oh, no you don't!

(Littlefoot tries to block Ruby, couldn't see her)

Littlefoot: Hey! Where'd she go?

Ruby: Here I am!

(Littlefoot and Ruby almost at the end of the forest and tied)

Littlefoot: (PANTING) Whoo! I manage to tired you out.

Ruby: Nice try, Littlefoot, but I'm not that tired.

Littlefoot (SIGH)

At the water Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Tippy starts running and jumping on rocks to reach the end of the water.

Petrie: I can do this!

Cera: Yeah, but no flying.