The Land Before Time All Grown Up XIV:The Great Seperation is a 2032 theatrical animated feature and the fourteenth film in The Land Before Time All Grown Up series. Featuring the new actors Keke Palmer, Matt Hill, Halle Berry, Khary Payton, Jessie J, Ciara Bravo, Jennifer Lopez, George Lopez, Bill Murray, Keegan-Michael Key,Kevin Michael Richardson, Mark Ryan, Common


In the Great Valley, Littlefoot (Elijah Wood) and Ruby (Grey Delisle) do a game called toss the rock and Chomper (James Arnold Taylor) and Ruby scored a goal and Tippy (Rickey D'Shon Collins), Ducky (Tara Strong), Spike (Mitchell Whitfield), Petrie (Tom Kenny) and Cera (Hayden Panttiere) saw then while thing a a young Spiky back spike tail (Kentrosaurus) Kenton a friend of Spike and Tippy's came by and was annoying to Cera and Mr. Thicknose (Dorian Harewood) and Etta (Reba McEntire) stop to see what they been doing, and then they gang spotted a herd of dinosaurs coming into their home to live and then sees a Norhronychus they remember Wild Arms who came safe while acting scared and was shocked to the gang grown up and was happy to Etta again and told her that she was looking for a lost orphan dinosaur who lost her family.

Later, the Great Valley dinosaurs welcome new members and Cera get mad that Kenton is so annoying to her and Littlefoot talks sense to her and Petrie spotted a pack of fast biters that are big with long claws in each hand called long clawed Fast Biters (Megaloraptors) led by One with a scar on the right side of his face named Tempen (Mark Ryan) who's after the young dinosaur from the migration and he was targeting Littlefoot but was stopped by Spike and Tempen orders his pack to chased them but the gang was able to escape from their home as they fallen down a river and gets drifted far away from their home and Tempen and his pack retreat as the valley dinosaurs chased them out and Mr. Thicknose couldn't find Littlefoot and the others anywhere.

As the gang left their home they find themselves in a different land and tries to find their way back and they they notice that the see in

Meanwhile, Tempen and his pack lost track of Littlefoot and his friends as the escaped and then meets up with Feathered Fast Biters (Dakotaraptors) led by Khan (Peter Dinklage) who are looking for a lost orphan dinosaur and then begin the hunt in separate ways.

Later as the gang enters the jungle full where they encountered a pack Nose Crested Sharpteeth (Yangchuanosaurus)

Later, Tempen and his pack arrived in the jungle and notice that Littlefoot and the others took care of the sharpteeth and strikes them down.

After escaping from jungle, the gang go acrossed the lake and head for the other side where they stopped to rest.

Later, back in the Great Valley, Etta, and Wild Arms goes out to find Littlefoot and the gang along with Guido, Skip, Tickles, No, Archie, Glidy, Fanga, Terya, Elvisy, Mo, and their underground friends and the young three dinosaurs followed them.

Later back in the jungle, Tempen and his pack were able to suvive and continues to track down Littlefoot and the others, and far away from the jungle, Littlefoot and the gang rest for the night before they can continue to find their way back home in time.

Meanwhile, as Etta, Wild Arms and the others begin their search for Littlefoot and the others they notice that the young three dinosaurs are following them and wants to help finding the gang.

Later in the morning, the gang was continuing to find their way back home, until they encountered Khan and his pack causing them to be separated from their friends Chomper and Ruby as the fell down a cliff, and the gang were able to escape by jumping of a cliff and into the river and Khan and his pack continues their search for the young dinosaur they're looking for.

As the gang made it to shore, Cera gets mad at Littlefoot for the loss of Chomper and Ruby and blaming him for getting themselves into danger and they meet a group of Flying creatures (Longisquama) led by Flyloo (Bill Murray)

and Littlefoot has had enough with her and gets mad at her for always blaming him, and goes separate ways from her and the gang leaving them to find their way home, and Tempen notice that Littlefoot is all alone by himself and goes after him.

After, being separated from the gang, Littlefoot finds himself in the jungle where Tempen and his pack caught him cornered and notice that they're after him and tries to get them off his back and got wounded by Tempen as he got scratched and makes a run for it and then escaped as his slide down a hill and into the fast water and Tempen was so furious that his prey escaped and won't stop until he catches him.

After escaping from Tempen and his pack, Littlefoot who is still wounded stumble upon s forest and the gets caught in a storm as it a appeared into the sky, and the gang who are separated from Littlefoot also gets caught in the storm that got Petrie separated as the veins blew him away from the other and Ducky suddenly fell into the fast water when she broke her right leg to a rock in that's under water and Spike, Tippy, and Kenton tries to save her but failed as Ducky goes over the falling water (Waterfall) and lost sight of her.

Later, during the storm, Littlefoot found shelter to wait for the storm be over as he discovered a cave and was attack by a giant slither (Titanboa) and was saved by a white fast runner (Khaan mckennai) named Etha (Keke Palmer) who was taking shelter in the cave.

After the storm was over, Cera, Spike, Tippy, and Kenton tries to Petrie and Ducky who are lost in the land and worried something bad happens to them as something bad might happen to Chomper, Ruby, and Littlefoot.

In different part of the land, Chomper and Ruby finds themselves on a field full of (Feather arms) beishanlong and meets the ones named Sky (Khary Payton) and Star (Jessie J.) Who are looking a dinosaur they know and Chomper and Ruby helps them find her.

Later after being blown away from the storm, Petrie finds himself lost until he meets a group of Flying creatures (Longisquama) led by Flyloo (Bill Murray) and Petrie travels with him and his group to escape from the fire mountain before eruption.

Meanwhile, Littlefoot and Etha leaves the cave so they can head straight to the fire mountain in time before it begin to erupt to set the whole land on fire.

Later at a river, Ducky woke up, and finds herself lost and tries to find her friends and she meets a pack of Fast Runners that can swim (Effigia) and their leader named Elina (Halle Berry) who recover her just in time and helps her gets back into swimming again and swim to reunite the herd they know in order to search for the young dinosaur they know.

In a different part of the land, Littlefoot and Etha enters a canyon where they were put into a fight by a little fast runner (Qantassaurus) named Qantan (Keegan-Michael Key) and face against the champion clubtail (Euoplocephalus) named Clubber (Kevin Michael Richardson) who's never been beaten until he lost to Littlefoot and Etha as the made him hit a wall, and Clubber and Qantan made them new champions and then Tempen and his pack arrived and Littlefoot and Etha makes their escape,and after they left, all the dinosaurs escaped as well, and Tempen notice that Littlefoot was around a found a feather that belongs to Etha and she's the dinosaur that Khan and his pack are after, and send Khan and his pack arrived a was told that Etha is with Littlefoot and they're on their way to the fire mountain and tries to catch up to them before they can escape.

Later while trying to find Ducky and Petrie, Cera, Spike, and Tippy enter a strange misty forest full of trees and meets a Featherhead (Alxasaurus) named Alxa (Ciara Bravo) who encountered them and took them to her herd led by her parents Alexia and Arco (Jennifer Lopez  and George Lopez) and her parents are surprised at her for bringing them to their herd, and Cera wants to know how long they been out in the forest and Alexia told her that they were out looking for a young dinosaur they know and a flyer came out of nowhere and said that the young dinosaur they're looking for is Etha and she's alive and is on her way to the fire mountain with Littlefoot, and tries to catch up to them in time before Tempen, Khan and their pack could get to them and a stampede of dinosaur seperates Cera, the spiketails and Alxa from the herd.

After being separated from the herd, the gang tries to find their way to fire mountain to find them, and was reunited with Chomper, and Ruby along with Sky and Star and Spike was happy to see Ducky alive and she came with Elina and her pack and Alxa already knows them, and told them that Etha is alive and she's with Littlefoot and they figure out that Tempen was after Littlefoot from the beginning, and tries to get to them in time but when Cera refuse to find Littlefoot, Kenton, Spike and Tippy got really mad at her for all things she has done for the herd being apart and Cera was wrong to be separated from him and they all set off to find Littlefoot and Etha.

While heading towards the fire mountain, Littlefoot realize that Etha was the young dinosaur that Khan and his pack were after and Etha told him what happen to her species and how she lost her mother when Khan caused her to her death and how she became an orphan and she been all alone to find a place to be safe and Littlefoot allows her to come to the Great Valley to be safe.

Later, when the gang and their friends were looking for Littlefoot and Etha, they see the fire mountain beginning to erupt and tries to find them in time and Littlefoot and Etha heard them near by a Etha climbs up a tree to spot them and she them closer to them and came down and tries to meet up with them and the gang heard someone coming towards them and it happens to be Littlefoot and Etha and the gang are happy to see them safe and Cera apologies to Littlefoot for having him abandoning the gang and the gang and their friends head for the fire mountain to escape.

As they made it to the fire mountain they encountered Khan's pack who stopped them from escaping, later, Etta, Wild Arms and the other notice that the gang are traveling with other dinosaurs and see the stampede of dinosaurs that are all escaping from the land and gets caught in it, and at the fire mountain, the gang face of against Khan and his pack and later, Tempen and his pack appeared and Littlefoot wants to put an end of Tempen to keep him from hunting him and anyone and tells the gang to finish of Khan's pack and tells them don't come for him and he sets off to the forest and Tempen spotted him and goes after him and Chomper tries to stop him and his pack to hold them off long enough and Tempen orders his pack to deal with Chomper and Elina and her float help him out and Sky and Star help out too, and during the fight Tempen goes after Littlefoot.

As the fight between the gang and the pack was over, half of Khan's and Tempen's pack retreat and some were killed by fire rocks that were launched out of the fire mountain and Chomper takes out Taku before the tree that was on fire flats him and burns him to death, and Rampus was taken out by Spike, Tippy, and Kenton and was killed in the fire and Ruby defeats Terra by knocking her down into the floating fire (lava) where she meets her death and Toser and Razor were defeated by Ducky and Petrie who had help from Quantan and Clubber and they feel down a cliff, and Khan deals with Etha when Etha walks to the forest that Littlefoot went in, and the gang who defeated the pack notice that Etha could be in trouble as well as Littlefoot and Cera tells them that they have to disobey him in order to save him.

On the top of the fire mountain, Littlefoot stops by a cliff and below him is the pit of the flowing fire and Tempen caught up to him and attacks him, and during the fight between Littlefoot and Tempen, Etha face against Khan for killing her mother, and Khan tries to kill her but was taken out by Littlefoot and dies as the boulder flat him, and Littlefoot gets wounded by Tempen as Tempen pins him down and claws him but the gang came to the rescue and face against him but got takeb out and Littlefoot defeats Tempen by hitting him with his tail to the tree that's hang over the edge where Tempen's claw got stuck and Littlefoot pushes the tree of the edge and Tempen got his claw unstuck and tries to reach the edge but falls to his death as fell into the flowing fire pit, and dies.

After the death of Tempen, the gang makes their escape from the fire mountain as they we're able to get out of the land safe with the other dinosaurs who are safe and Alxa's herd arrived and so did Etta and Wild Arms and the others and Etta and Wild Arms are surprised to see Etha alive and happy to the dinosaurs they know, and they all head home to the Great Valley.

After returning home, Etha, the wingtails, the flying crawlers, the swimming fast runners, the featherheads, and Quantan and Clubber are the new members of the Great Valley as well as Wild Arms, and Etha became part of the Featherhead herd, and they all celebrate when Star did her song "We Are Living Together" and Littlefoot punished his friends disobeying him and making him abandon them.


Littlefoot (Eljiah Wood)

Cera (Hayden Panettiere)

Ducky (Tara Strong)

Petrie (Tom Kenny)

Spike (Mitchell Whitefield)

Tippy (Rickey D'Shon Collins)

Chomper (James Arnold Taylor)

Ruby (Grey Delise)

New Characters

Etha (Keke Palmer) (Khaan mckennai)

Kenton (Matt Hill) (Kentrosaurus)

Elina (Halle Berry) (Effigia)

Sky (Khary Payton)

Star (Jessica B)

Alxa (Ciara Bravo) (Alxasaurus)

Alexia (Jennifer Lopez) (Alxasaurus)

Archie (George Lopez) (Alxasaurus)

Roloo (Billy Murray) (Lizard)

Qantan (Keegan-Michael Key) (Qantassaurus)

Clubber (Kevin Michael Richardson) (Euoplocephalus)

Tempen (Mark Ryan) (Megaraptor)

Rampus (Kevin Michael Richardson) (Megaraptor)

Taku (Common) (Megaraptor)

Special Guest

Etta (Reba Mcentire)

Wild Arms (Damon Wayans Jr.)


Feathered Fast Biters (Dakotaraptors)

Nose Crested Sharpteeth (Yangchuanosaurus)