The Race Against Time is a fanfic dedicated to the fanon wiki (and to Mongoose Lover, since this guy came up with an episode named this for a season 3).


It was a beautiful day in the Great Valley. "Hello, Littlefoot, Draco? I'll just wait here all alone, I don't mind, in fact I enjoy the quiet" Petrie muttered nervously, while Chomper was toying with him, "of course, a predator could burst out of the bushes, and nobody will hear me scream, but uh, I'm a calm lake, a sea of tranquility" he added until Chomper came up right behind him and whispered "boo" and Petrie was so startled he leaps into the air and crashed onto Chomper, "xcuse me" the tyrannosaur wheezed, "oh Chomper, you frightened me" Petrie whines, "really, you did it well, so where's Littlefoot? he should be here by now" Chomper wondered, at the same time the rest of them minus Littlefoot and Cera show up, "maybe he forgot, the leader of the pack has a very busy schedule" Ducky guessed, "come on what's better than mindless frolicking with old pals?" Ruby asks, but got her answer upon hearing laughter and seeing Littlefoot and Cera having fun together, "how about some mindless frolicking with a girlfriend" Paula suggests, "one side slowpoke" Cera taunts racing Littlefoot Tarzan-style on vines, "ah cheater" Littlefoot retorts pursuing her, the rest were having mixed feelings about this, "aw Littlefoot's in love" Mira swoons jokingly, "he, he forgot us" Draco gasps not really liking it.

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