Torvus the Torvosaurus is a villain and partial rival of Red Claw.

Physical traits

Megalosaurs like Torvosaurus rely more on their arms to kill prey than their jaws and Torvus sometimes jokes about it, claiming his "punch is worse than his bite".

His species are the biggest Megalosaurs of all and likewise Torvus himself is quite massive.


Torvus is exactly like Red Claw in many ways, even though they hate each other, however they are willing to join forces when the situation calls for it.

He finds interspecies bonding, mainly those between predator and prey, to be an oddity and believes those meat-eaters who become friends with plant-eaters (like Chomper) cannot be friends with him.


Interestingly there are no Megalosaurs in the LBT franchise canonically at the moment.